Our team is ready to serve you the best possible service and care.

The dental team of our practice consists three dentists, five assistants, an oral hygienist and oral preventive assistant.

Although there are several dentists working in our practice, you will have your own dentist. Should it be that your dentist is not present at the time you want to make an appointment or when you have an urgent matter, there is always a colleague present who can help you.

Through this site you will find general information. For more specific information please contact us.

Dentist F. Tahmasian, works from Monday until Thursday from 8.30 – 17.00(speaks Dutch, English and German).

Dentist P.J. Gezelle Meerburg, works from Wednesday until Friday from 8.30 – 16.30(speaks Dutch and English).

Dentist E. Egorushkina, works on Tuesday from 8.30 – 17.00 and on Friday from 08.30 – 12.30.(speaks Dutch, English and Russian).